10 dining experiences under the care of the best Culinary Group
in Mexico formed by true flavor artists:

Tasting menu designed by Roberto Solís, Paco Méndez, Jonatan Gómez Luna and Alejandro Ruiz. The experience is complemented with a pairing by multi-award-winning sommelier Sandra Fernández.

ENCANTA | Author restaurant by Chef Paco Méndez, Michelin Star Chef, who exalts the name of Mexico from Barcelona to the Caribbean..
*Reservation required

Michelin Star Chef
*Reservations required

Chino Poblano | Cuisines from Puebla and China by Chef Jonatan Gómez Luna, who is the leader of a new chefs’ generation that has conquered the largest tables in the world.
*Reservations required

CANTINA VI.AI.PY. | A Cantina from Oaxaca by Chef Alejandro Ruiz, the most important spokesman of the Southern state’s culinary culture.

KIBI-KIBI | Cuisines from Yucatan and Lebanon under the care of the internationally famous Chef Roberto Solis, a gastronomical reference from his homeland, Yucatan.
*Reservations required

Mercado de San Juan |
Flavor’s from Mexico’s towns.

CAYUCO | A surf and turf menu awaits surrounded by cool waters and unparalleled views at Hotel Xcaret Arte's heart.

TAH-XIDO | Contemporary Japanese Restaurant by Chef Luis Arzapalo, presenting the best eastern gastronomical art.
*Reservation required

ARENAL | Comfort Food Cuisine, a proposal that celebrates Mexican gastronomy, from North to South.

APAPACHOA | The best of the vegan cuisine has been integrated in Apapachoa, our 100% plant-based restaurant.