In Hotel Xcaret Arte, our muse is nature. We integrate her to our architecture and we protect her to give experiences that respect and treasure the environment, culture and life.
The local flora and fauna color palette paints with joy our eco-integrating architecture tracing with mastery and passion a new chapter in Grupo Xcaret.
The balance between ethics and aesthetics creates Hotel Xcaret Arte. Every time you breath in and out you will find life and under a curious and creative vision you will also find art. We invite you to go deep into this fine arts ecosystem, so that you become a co-creator of art from its very origin.
We are life, we are art.


For Grupo Xcaret, sustainability in the balanced creation between economical, sociocultural and environmental value, that guaranties the harmonious growth of our business and the surroundings that we operate.
We are a human team with the vision of being unique in sustainable touristic entertainment. This vision will allow us to continue offering unforgettable touristic experiences, which will guaranty the growth of our business, as well as the wellbeing of our communities and the natural surroundings that we operate.


The Xostenibilidad model is based in the actions that we perform on a daily basis, it is the way we work and grow, and at the same time we generate a positive impact in our social and natural surroundings.
The trajectory and actions of Grupo Xcaret, have allowed to generate a profitable business with high corporate, environmental and human capital, that make our company an example of sustainable growth, adopted as part of our philosophy
The 3 foundations of the Xostenibilidad Model are:


Gathers all the actions and focuses them to generate welfare and includes Respect to Human Dignity, Life Quality and Cultural Heritage.


Includes all the actions directed to our environment preservation, as well as welfare for our specimens, the preservation of the Natural Heritage and the efficiency and sustainability in the use of water and power, as well as the disposal of waste.


Every aspect related to the business’s economic growth and the generation of values to society and the environment, is considered here. Aspects related with governance, economical performance, responsible commercialization, corporate ethics and stimulus to Mexican economy.

Animal Welfare and Endangered Specimens Preservation Programs

Grupo Xcaret is dedicated to sustainable tourist entertainment and since 1990 it accomplishes good practices, in favor of animal welfare and wildlife in Mexico.
It is allied with federal, state and local authorities to protect and defend different species affected by beaching, accidents, habitat destruction and illegal trafficking
The formality of its preservation programs has international acknowledgement. It is allied with different research centers, universities and civil society organizations.


When staying in Hotel Xcaret you are contributing to every action that Grupo Xcaret performs to have a better world.

Thanks to you we can keep our commitments with the environment:

  • Red Macaw Preservation Program
  • Reforestation Mangrove Project and Restoration of the Nichupté Lagoon System
  • Maritime Turtle Preservation Program
  • Creation of the Riviera Maya Forest Greenhouse
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reproduction of Coral Reef Program
  • Manatee Preservation Program
  • Green School Project (Public School Reforestation in Quintana Roo).
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Responsible Management of Residues
  • Gray Ray Research Program
  • Ten Reproduction Programs: Pink Flamingo, Green Macaw, Royal Toucan, Crested Guan, Quetzal, Nurse Shark. Butterflies, Mexican Parrot, Tapir and Great Curassow